The best price you can get

We charge only for your active images. If you don't use it, you don't pay for it.

Unlimited Transformations

Your master images can have as many derivative images you need. What matters is that your end customers will have the most optimized image as possible.

Unlimited Requests

Only master images your end customers requested will be billed. You can create as many transformations you want of the same image, we only count your master images.

Elastic Bandwidth

The more master images, the more bandwidth you have, for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Master Image?

A master image (or origin image) is the image used to generate the derivative image. So you can request as many versions of the same master image you want.

Will I be charged by number of requests?

No. Requests are unlimited. It doesn't matter if you have 10 images with 1 million views each. Price won't change.

Does usage resets every month?

Yes. Every billing period we start to count the master images that are being used again. So if one image doesn't get requested next month it won't be charged.

If I have 100K Master Images will I be charged by the same images every month?

You only pay for the active master images. So if only those requested by your end-customer counts towards your usage. So what matters is how many images are still active on your end and not how many do you have on your storage.

Is there a monthly minimum fee?

The minimum is $5.00 to keep you account active and it includes 4200 master images and 5GB of data free data transfer. Free data transfer grows along with the amount of master images you used during the period.

Elastic bandwidth?

The amount of bandwidth you get for free grows with the number of master images you have. It starts at 5GB. Then 1.2GB for every 1000 master images.

The exceess will be charged 0.10 per GB.

Example 1: 30K master images will give me 36GB of bandwidth. I have consumed 40GB of data transfer, you will be charged 6GB*0.10 = 0.60 cents.

Example 2: 100K master images will give me 120GB of bandwidth. I have consumed 120GB of data transfer, no extra charges will be made.