The best price you can get

We only charge you for what your end customers requested. No minimum monthly bill.

Unlimited Transformations

You can have as many crops and resizes you want. What matters is that your end customers will have the most optimized image as possible.

Unlimited Requests

Only master images your end customers requested will be billed. You can create as many transformations you want of the same image, we only count your master images.

Unlimited Bandwidth

It's perfect for high traffic websites. You won't be charged a single cent for bandwidth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Master Image?

The master image is the image used to generate your transformations (crops, resizes etc.). So you can request as many sizes you want and you will only pay for the master image itself.

Will I be charged by number of requests?

No. Requests are unlimited. Bandwidth too!. So it doesn't matter if you have 10 images with 1 million page views each. Price won't change.

I don't have 1000 images. Will I pay $1.00/month?

No. You will always be charged proportionally.

If I have 100k Master Images will I be charged by the same images every month?

No, only the images requested by your end-customer counts towards your usage. So what matters is how many images you used and not how many do you have in total.