Getting Started

There are a few things you should know before diving in on how to use ImageBoss and all of our features.

To be able to use your own images, don't forget to authorise your hosts on the dashboard.

What sourcery is this?

First of all, you don't need to migrate all your images to ours servers. It would be crazy, right?

To be able to use all our features all you need to do is just tweek the URL of your original images a little bit. Before diving into more details it's important to understand our syntax.

The Syntax

If what you read above looks weird to you, don't worry. Let me show you how the URL syntax looks like:

An example of a final URL would be this: /:operation /:dimensions /:options /


As you can see, all you need is to prepend the ImageBoss URL to the URL of your images.

  • :operation is the main manipulation you want to do with your image.
  • :dimensions this is where you tell us the size of the generated image.
  • :options This is optional. Only use this section if the :operation you're using supports it. You can combine multiple options using commas.

Basic Example /cover /200x200 /

It's simple as that. If you want to know more about how cover works we have a dedicated section just for it.