Getting Started

This is the guide you need to get started with ImageBoss.

Integration Guide

1) Create an account

First things first, make sure you have an account. You have a 10 days free trial. After your trial period your usage will restart 😊.

2) Add your Image Sources

ImageBoss needs to understand how to reach your images. The following steps will guide you through how you can connect your images in case they are not publicly available or if they are already available on the Internet.

Are your Images Publicly Available or on a cloud provider?

If that's your case, you are almost set!

For images already hosted on the Internet or popular storage providers like Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Azure Blob, or Azure File Share. Just go to your Sources -> Add Source -> Pick Source type that suits your needs.

What if my images are only available via localhost for now?

If your images are not acessible via Internet, only via localhost, you need to set up a tunnel using a service like Ngrok (It's free!) for example. That's the only way ImageBoss can reach your images and manipulate them for you.

After setting up Ngrok, you will get a URL like which will proxy the traffic to your http://localhost. With this, just setup a Source of type Web Proxy and now ImageBoss can reach your images 🥳.

Now that you have your image Source working, each Source will have its own ImageBoss URL Prefix.
For example, if you called your source "mywebsite-images", your images URL will be:

3) How do you want to Integrate with ImageBoss?

Life is too short, give me some libraries!

Check out our Integrations page and have fun!

I don't want to use libraries!

Using ImageBoss with your images is basically string interpolation. In practice, you just need to change your current URL a little bit.

If your image url at the moment is /images/photo.jpg, now you just change it to: /mywebsite-images /cover /500x500 /format:auto /images/photo.jpg

As you can see, all you need is to connect your source and prefix some parameters to your image's path.

How does the URL Syntax Work?

Let's breakdown the ImageBoss URL structure: /:source /:operation /:dimensions /:options /images/img01.jpg

  • :source Name of the source you added on your dashboard.
  • :operation Main manipulation you want to apply to your image.
  • :dimensions Size of the final image.
  • :options This is optional. Only use this section if the :operation you're using supports it. You can combine multiple options using commas.

That's it!