Getting Started

There are a few things you should know before diving in on how to use ImageBoss and all of our features.

Integration Guide

  • Images up to 60% smaller with WebP.
  • Lazy loaded images.
  • Images ready for High Density Displays.
  • Low resolution image presentation while high resolution images load in the background.

1) Add your Image Sources

ImageBoss needs to understand how to connect to your images. For that you need to go to your dashboard and add all the sources you want to connect with ImageBoss.

A image source could be any website on the internet or popular storage providers like Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Azure Blob or Azure File Share.

After adding your sources you will now have your own ImageBoss URL Prefix. For example, of you added a source called "mywebsite-images". Your URL will be:

2) Choose your Integration Method

You can create the URLs on your own or your can choose any of the open-source libraries we have available. So check our available Integrations.

The Syntax

This is how a ImageBoss URL is structured: /:source /:operation /:dimensions /:options /images/img01.jpg


As you can see, all you need is to connect your source add some parameters prior to your image path.

  • :source this is the name of the source you added on your dashboard.
  • :operation is the main manipulation you want to do with your image.
  • :dimensions this is where you tell us the size of the generated image.
  • :options This is optional. Only use this section if the :operation you're using supports it. You can combine multiple options using commas.

Basic Example /mywebsite /cover /200x200 /examples/01.jpg

It's simple as that.