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  • :operation is the main manipulation you want to do with your image.


Use cover when you want an image with an exact width and height (crop). By default we'll run our Smart Cropping algorithm to identify the main subject of the image, so in case we need to remove part of the image to deliver on the requested size, we will always try our best to keep the most important element in the frame.


https://img.imageboss.me /cover /300x300 /http://imageboss.me/examples/02.jpg

Cover Modes

The cover operation accepts an extra parameter called :mode. It must be used if you think the default behaviour isn't what you're looking for.


https://img.imageboss.me /cover:center /320x320 /http://imageboss.me/examples/02.jpg

Algorithm Based Modes


Content Aware Cropping (default)

https://img.imageboss.me /cover:smart /320x320 /http://imageboss.me/examples/02.jpg


Focuses on the region with the highest luminance frequency, colour saturation and presence of skin tones.

https://img.imageboss.me /cover:attention /320x320 /http://imageboss.me/examples/02.jpg


Shannon Entropy Algorithm.

https://img.imageboss.me /cover:entropy /320x320 /http://imageboss.me/examples/02.jpg


Face Detection Algorithm.

https://img.imageboss.me /cover:face /320x320 /http://imageboss.me/examples/07.jpg

Directional Modes

If you don't want to use any of the algorithms above you can always tell us the region of the image you want us to focus on.

Available modes are:

north, northeast, east, southeast, south, southwest, west, northwest and center.


https://img.imageboss.me /cover:northeast /320x320 /http://imageboss.me/examples/01.jpg