ImageBoss supports adding watermark to your images.

Like any other filter that you can add to your images, ImageBoss also let you do choose a watermark to your images. Just use the wmk option. Just pass the option on the URL as explained below.

wmk Accepts the name of your watermark and also accepts an extra arguments that it the position of your water mark. Available positions are: north, northeast, east, southeast, south, southwest, west, northwest and center (default).

Watermark with default position

https://img.imageboss.me /width /700 /wmk:logo /http://imageboss.me/examples/02.jpg

Watermark with southwest position

https://img.imageboss.me /width /700 /wmk:logo-southwest /http://imageboss.me/examples/02.jpg

Using ImageBoss Web Library


Adding your watermarks

Just go to Watermarks on your Dashboard. All you need to do is give a alias and the URL of your image.

URL needs to be a ImageBoss hosted image. Which means you can also apply any other :operation to your watermark image like width etc.