Animated GIFs

ImageBoss supports Animated GIFs resizing and cropping on the fly.

By default if you ask to resize a gif image we will take the only the first frame of the GIF and then apply any operation you want.

At this point in time, you can use Animated GIFs with any :operation available but any filter and crop modes will be ignored.

Default GIF Support

Uses the first frame of the GIF and apply any filter/operation you want.

Example /mywebsite-images /width /300 /examples/08.gif

Animated GIFs

It preserves the animation of your GIF and applies the operation you ask for all frames. You can combine it with any operation available.
animation accepts 1 or true.

Example /mywebsite-images /width /300 /animation:true /examples/08.gif

Animated GIFs With Exact Output Size

Currently, we will reduce your GIF to fit inside of the dimentions your asked and then crop it.

Example /mywebsite-images /cover /300x300 /animation:true /examples/08.gif