Image Sources

ImageBoss can connect with your images anywhere.


ImageBoss allows you to connect to images hosted on Azure Blob or File Share.

Setting Up

To connect to your bucket, go to Dashboard ⟶ Sources ⟶ Add New.

Required information to allow ImageBoss to connect to your images: Storage Account Name, Storage Account Type, Bucket Name.

Getting the Credentials

1) Go to your ImageBoss Sources ⟶ Add New ⟶ Azure.
2) Fill in the details for the Microsoft Azure Source. The parameters are:

Storage Account Name: Name of the storage account containing the images you want ImageBoss to connect to.
Storage Account Type: Select File Share or Container (Blob) as appropriate.
Bucket Name: Name of your Container or File Share.
SAS String: Shared Access Signature (SAS) for the storage account.

3) To generate your SAS string, use the storage account's Shared Access Signature Settings page. Change the following settings:

Allowed Services: Select File or Blob, depending on the service type.
Allowed Resource Types: Select only Container and Object.
Allowed Permissions: Select only Read and List.
Start and Expiry Date/Time: Change the end date to at least one year in the future (many users make it 30 years or so).

4) Finally, click Generate SAS and connection string. Below that is a text box labeled “SAS token”. The token begins with “?sv=”. The contents of this text box is your SAS string.

That's it! Now you can access your images using the domain informed on your Dashboard and combining the operations available on our documentation.