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  • :operation is the main manipulation you want to do with your image.


Use width if you want your final image to have a fixed width. The proportional height will be calculated automatically.


https://img.imageboss.me /width /700 /http://imageboss.me/examples/02.jpg

Options Available

  • withoutEnlargement Set this option to true if you don't want the original image to exceed its original dimensions. (default: false)
  • ignoreAspectRatio Set this to true if you don't want us to calculate the dimensions proportionally. (default: false)

https://img.imageboss.me /height /700 /withoutEnlargement:true /http://imageboss.me/examples/02.jpg

https://img.imageboss.me /height /700 /ignoreAspectRatio:true /http://imageboss.me/examples/02.jpg