Retina and HiDPI devices

ImageBoss supports Retina and HiDPI (Device Pixel Ratio) on the fly.

If you have any doubts on how to use this, make sure you read our Getting Started guide.

Dynamic image scaling based on Device Pixel Ratio (DPR)

This option generates the requested image with requested Device Pixel Radio (DPR). You can combine this option with any operation available. If you are using ImageBoss Web Library it will activate this feature automatically.

dpr accepts 1-3.

Example /mywebsite-images /width /700 /dpr:2 /examples/01.jpg

Device Pixel Ratio (DPR) 1

Device Pixel Ratio (DPR) 2

Device Pixel Ratio (DPR) 3

Now your images will look really good on any device!